About me

Butch Glauda of Glauda Amusements

I started playing Bingo Pinball Machines when I was around 14 years old. I played games like “Yacht Club”, “Dude Ranch” and “Surf Club.” When they were brand new! My uncle Mike bought me my first bingo “Yacht Club”. I used to keep it in my bedroom. I still played bingos on locations.

When I was around 17, I took my bingo and put it in a clubhouse with the guys I grew up with and played baseball. I always had 2 jobs, one to pay bills and one for spending money. The money I made with Yacht Club I saved up and bought another bingo and so on and so on. I never thought I would one day own every bally bingo.

I made countless trips across the USA, 5 or 6 times to Canada and one trip to Prince Edward Island. I guess that’s why my closest friends call me “The King Of The Bingos.”