Well it has been more then 60 years ago, no matter where you were, if you ever went into a bar with your father or grandfather, hobby shop, candy shop, ice cream parlor or even a gas station you likely were exposed to the explosion of bingo pinball machines hitting the industry. Times were changing, the regular pinball machines were slowly becoming a thing of the past and being replaced with gambling bingo pinball machines. It all started in early 1951 when United Manufacturer came out with it's first bingo called ABC several months later Bally Manufacturer followed with BROADWAY better known in the bingo world as BROADWAY 51. Everyone was riding high and I mean everyone !!!! United, Bally, Operators, Locations and most of all... The Players.

Things went well for awhile then all of sudden roughly around the middle of 1965 the bottom fell out. Federal, State and Local Authorities started picking up all the bingo pinball machines manufactured by United and Bally. Operators were going crazy trying to find any loophole in the new laws. Operators tried removing the Odds Units, Features Units, Extra Balls Units even going as far as literally removing and replacing the names of each game. Common names used were SINGLE COIN and HAVING FUN. Nothing seemed to work authorities picked machines up until the late 1980's here in Pennsylvania.

One man having such an experience was " Bingo Butch " out of Pottsville, Pennsylvania!!

…and now, years later and after embracing the moments, " Bingo Butch " is in a position to leave a legacy that is unparalleled and that can last for all time…

~ Imagine every United and Bally Bingo “shopped to perfection” sitting together in one location!!